There it goes, out to the wide world in public, there is no denying it. It’s just a wonderful feeling to have someone to trust, someone to care for, someone to hug and someone to just lie down next to and forget everything else exists in this world. And I against all odds have managed to find the most amazing woman on earth and get her as my girlfriend.

On one fine sunny afternoon in London, I had a discussion with a friend about how love is not just finding the right person for you but also about knowing about your needs from your partner. I often went back to this point and wondered how the relationship with NB has been an eyeopener on my needs. It was such a lucky co-incidence that I managed to find that girl who changed the entire perspective of my life. I always thought the line “nanni make kotthaga chupe ammayi kavali” line from Bommarillu was so cliched, but those are just golden worlds I tell you.

Another thing that I have realized in a relationship is that cliches are cliches for a reason. I have made fun of many people doing cliched stuff but I admit, having romantic candle light dinner in your room on new years eve and toasting with champagne at the stroke of 12 is awesome. Walking on the bank of thames hand-in-hand and teasing her because she wanted a dolly ice-cream is out of the world. Planning an elaborate outing only to cancel everything at the last minute and snuggling under the blanket while watching a horror movie when NB tries to close her eyes and hugs me tight is just to die for. 

NB has also changed a lot many things about me for good. Her cute little issues with the slippers I wear to the face wash that I use just would make me feel so special. Its amazing how she can have a perfectly logical answer for any problem of mine and possess such prudence when I start panicking and yet change into this cute little girl when necessary. Blissful are the moments spent in planning for the future, be it a small little thing like an item to decorate the house with to huge grand wedding plans. 

I can go on and on about how cute, intelligent, awesome and amazing NB is but the point is she oh-so just perfect for me and I have never been happier in life. Sure there are small issues, but what is the spice in life without a mirch here or there. NB for when you are reading this, get this, you are the best ever decision of my life and I couldn’t wait to take the next step forward. Be there for me always!! Love you loads and loads.