What is Cogito Ergo Sum?

Cogito Ergo Sum( I think,therefore I am) is a collection of thoughts, the thought processes and its end results stringed together to create an understandable jumble. From Poems, Articles raising voice against society,Philosophy to arbit day to day ramblings, this blog contains it all. More essentially it strives to exhibit the thought process and activities of its author or the lack of thereof.

Why this title?

The author lives by this statement and hence the title. Truly no other title would have been more apt.

About the author?

Vigneswaralu Teppala Pandurangan,22,Male, Single.

Currently working as Analyst in  Capital Markets Division of a popular I-Bank.

Email : vigneswaralu@gmail.com

Pass times include Music,Web designing,Badminton and Vetti Browsing apart from blogging.


1 thought on “About”

  1. Loo – is it wise to put all your contact info on the net ? Maybe you should be a little more careful da…

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