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“Are you happy now?”

This is one of the very first questions asked to a person who is deemed successful in his endeavor. When faced with such a question, my answer would be “What do you mean by happiness?”. I’ve always tried to decipher what is happiness but never got around finding it.

There are plethora of explanations as regards to what exactly gives happiness to oneself, but most of them seem inaccurate from their very base of assumptions.

One is born, one is educated and one leads a life. He sets a goal for himself at every stage of life and tries his level best to achieve it.And when he achieves it, he is bound to be happy.Is it happiness? No, its nothing but contempt. The same feeling a salvage beast derives from the moment it sets it eye on its prey to the moment it has endeavored it. The mere process of seeing a goal, working towards it and achieving it gives a thrill to oneself that keeps life going but it isn’t happiness by any means.

Oh, the argument comes up, as it is bound to. Is a person self satisfied with what he has happy? Be it a rich millionaire who has given up the greed to earn anymore and has decided to spend his earnings on the most expensive of lifestyles or a poor farmer whose daily meal is well earned, are they happy?? Not again. Theres an undefined characteristic about happiness that is very hard to earn.

 Happiness is love. Popular but not true again. Love is that feeling what you get when you are sitting in a restaurant, holding the hands of your beloved, forgetting that a world exists  beyond both of you and with that gentle squeeze of hand and a sparkle of tear in your eye, you let your parter know that there is nothing in this world that is more important than them. Love can be the closest thing in this world to happiness but it never completes it.

What is happiness. It is the truest feeling of owning own self, the whole world and all its people inclusive. Happiness is a feeling of the whole world being your child, and you the mother, deriving contempt from its growth, correcting mistakes for its own good and when the entity “you” cease to exist and selflessness is the virtue that is true,except that the selflessness loses its meaning as “I” ceases to exist. That true sense of happiness has been sought by man for many centuries and few achieved it. It is named nirvana by some and it is named Godliness by many and but its pure happiness, the highest degree of it and the path to which I wish to seek if not now, at some point in my lifetime.

It is the path to eternal bliss.