Wow! I seem to have transformed from a person who blogs about general things to a stereotypical rambler who troll the vast spaces of Internet. It has been a transformation and I may still get back to being what I was earlier but for now there are a lot of things to tell, well pen down as I believe there exists no regular follower of this blog.

There were times when I used to wonder how can one settle down in life, in every sense of the word. A Family, a stable job and probably end to education. I thought I was too young and too ambitious for all of that. I am the conquerer, the person who just tries to go from one thing to another, winning it all. But things have changed, tastes have changed, perspectives have changed.

I dont know if its the factor of age that has finally brought some so called wisdom or just the magic a girl can do in your life, I’m a very different person from what I was even two years ago. I no longer yearn for the latest and the best of electronic gadgets, I don’t think BMW is the only car that I’ll ever own and most of all, I don’t think romantic movies are a piece of crap.

May be its the marriage that is so close by or may be its the feeling of finally finding someone whom I want to spend the rest of life with, I want to be with her more than anything else. Career actually has taken a second priority and the elusive work-life balance, which I din’t give too hoots about before, suddenly has become very important. What I’m surprised about is that, Its not even that we haven’t stayed together for long now. We literally spent 24×7 in each others company for the past two years but I still miss her in the last one month I’ve been away from her and our engagement on May 5th, seems very far to be with her.

I want to be in a job that makes me be with her and keep telling her that she should also take up a job that lets her do so. I want to settle down in a city, have a happy family and share all the romantic moments with her. It suddenly feels all so nice and good, to be looking forward for the wedded life. Before I met her, whenever I watched a romantic movie, it was always a faceless girl, a hidden angel whom I could imagine my romantic moments with, but now its her and its amazing despite all the differences between us, how I feel we are so meant to be together.

It’s amazing how all my posts these days turn out to be about her, but I meant to write so many other things. Some other day, some other time. After all for till November when I’ll be officially her wedded husband, there are so many lonely nights to spend. So many thoughts to be penned. Adios!