Jaane Tu….

No, Its not a movie review. I don’t like doing movie reviews. I’m writing this post for a very different reason. For the movie is very special to me.

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na...

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na...

A very special one for that matter. Never have I dwelt so much on a subject like this. I wont deny I liked watching such movies before but it was never the same.

Starting from the first scene, when Aditi is crying and Jai goes and hugs her, consoles her it felt so intimate. The struggle,the nuances,the possessiveness,the jealousy there are just no words to describe them.What is that about movies that take your mind off to universe that “utopian” is understatement..

I dint expect this post to be this blatant but forgive me many feelings are too hard to hide and I dont care to hide.


Entering New Vistas…

By all means my life has completely changed. The perpetual grim was evicted by a ray of hope, splendour that brought along with viva of such measures that I have never encountered in my life. Groping for moments has come to be daily habit and bliss beyond measures is cliché. Since dwelling on individualistic bliss may offend the societal super beings, I will stay from what may be known as true bliss.

When one enters a new life, I have always thought, situation grapples the soul and one ends in extreme joy or misery. Strangely enough, neither has occurred to me so far. Agreed on a personal front a complete flip has occurred but socially I’m neither great nor nobody. I don’t feel proud or low. Quest for a possible explanation, I warn you, will be nothing short of a wild goose chase but to make things simpler let’s conclude better things may come along and pitfalls are not very uncommon either.

Pardon me, for ramblings have always had a beautiful relationship with me and habits die hard. When you start writing after long and are confounded by the fact that your language has changed for better or worse, things take time getting used to. Never did it occur to me that drastic change and plethora of things to discuss will change style.

As I try to recollect my subject, Music drifts into my room, one of my most favourite films and a song that is very sentimental. Happy Days… How aptly named.. and Lo!! Behold, I’m having the happiest days of my life and what more I know how to make it last. Somebody told

“To fall in love with oneself is the beginning of a lifelong bliss”

True that I have fallen in love with myself, a different embodiment of myself.

For days that will come and for days that went past, I have become the true me and I’ve have no fears. Here I start writing my blog again, a much matured version, I hope to bring to thy readers the pleasure of understanding what we were meant to understand ab-initio

Do drop in and I promise I’ll post more frequently. For those of you who feel password protection of posts is wrong, I don’t think I’ll do it again, for a new method seems more effective. Hail Caesar!!!


And the roads met!!! – the sequel

Speaking of complicating and the ways to achieve it, we may begin to wonder what was the ulterior motive behind it. As named before lack of new areas to explore was one but was it the only one?.Definitely not. Industrial pressure played a predominant role. People began to face many problems when applying abstract concepts to real word situations and more often than not, the results were unpredictable.

Necessity, of course, the mother of all inventions. Further, what is all the more interesting is the result of such diversification and the convergence. Lets take two fields just to analyse the whole process.

Fluid Mechanics :

We all know that we start with the navier stokes equation for laminar flow, the stokes law for 1D, 2D, 3D flow and then move on to various factors like viscosity, gradients,et la and finally hit a road block when we realise that no flow is truly laminar.

Thus we start with turbulent flows, introducing various other factors in predicting the behavior of turbulence, which is of course what the industry requires. Softwares to developed to give a rough view of what actually was but all were mere approximations of what they really were.

My friend, one of the fundu’s in this field went on to explain, despite all these developments one is yet unable to find the fundamental relationship between stress and strain.

Finance :

This is one field which is as old as human civilizations are. We started of with mere bartering, moved on to gold and silver coins and then to paper currency. Standards began to be defied, gold bullions were thrown out of the window and people needed more and more ways to invest money on.

Real Estates, Gold and Sole proprietorship were no longer considered as fashion and there came equities trading.Followed were what we know as options,mutual funds ,futures to commodity exchanges. Did that satisfy?? Not again, today we live on artificial assets, index predictions what not.Softwares play a major role here again from trend calculations to futures predictions.

But again, coming to the core of it,all that man wanted was to make more and more and more money at lesser and lesser risks involved.

If you have begun to wonder to what point I’m driving at, the answer is by the process of starting with simple equations moving on to complex systems and converging back to the need to know in expressible form, what is the motor that drives the world has always been the goal of man.

Progress is the name for it.

Progress from goal to another, from amateurishness to perfection,from ignorance to wisdom, from fear to confidence, from slave to master,from darkness to light. Progress, my friends, is what we should thrive to achieve at the stake of ourselves, at the stake of everything. Progress is that motor that drives the world and progress is anyone’s truest desire.


Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya

And the roads met!!!

Back where times, when we were ignorant, so much so that it was bliss. Literally bliss and then the roads diverged.

Evolution of mankind is so interesting to study, its not the biological evolution I’m speaking of but his mind. When man abandoned his nomadic life and discovered the fruits of agriculture, he began to think. The thinking process became refined and man began to seek and understand nature.Civilisations were born and man suddenly turned a creator of things, something which nature could accomplish before. Buildings, tools, utensils, toys to what not, but there was something which was still dark to the mind of man. What makes nature the way it is. Man feared all powers of nature, he feared it so much that he began worshiping it and thus the Gods were born.Atlas,Eros,Mars innumerable where the names.

Somewhere in between, people who were star gazers where helped by the discovery of telescopes.It opened up a whole new horizon for thinking. Links began to be formed between the positions of planets, starts, sun and the lives of people. Meanwhile, the God phenomenon was gaining popularity as people who were lazy could conviniently agree on what was said, rather to think what was right and what was wrong. Kingdoms were born and kings themselves found pride in declaring themselves as God.

Though God phenomenon was widespread, it caused little hindrance to progess of man till when civilisations began to get really matured and organisations were formed. A new class of thinkers sprouted up. They began questioning at the basic levels. They sought to defy the roots of established principles. “Illuminati” the called themselves and soon all the abuses and arms the system could throw out of them were overcome by the chasity of truth.

 With that being the history, I’m taking up the thinking process as core.

When Illuminati emerged, they sought for answers. Concrete and discrete answers to why nature behaved so. Laws were formed and laws were deterministic. Everything worked on some simple law and situations were idealised. It was as if , the prediction of storm is a matter of solving of a linear equation in two variables.

This was quite acceptable, as in the beginning stages, introduction of complexions was unnecessary and people would rather spend time in exploring many things that to go too much into one subject, but soon as expected saturation began to be reached and basic laws were no longer sufficient to predict the behavior when things got out of control.

Thus began the thought of diversification and every process which was deterministic turned stochastic with every factor being considered. Suddenly all problems were taken to the level of NP Hard and search methods started moving from heuristic to meta heuristic to what not. Introduction of computers made this complication easier with its abilities to crunch many numbers simultaneously and at speeds of teraflops.

To interject here, as a funny consequence, many began seeing computer as an all powerful machine. People should realize that computer is instructed by man on what to do and it does nothing but, as the name says computations, at a faster rate that man doing it personally.

(To be continued)

NIT-Tians come together…

Do I call it a revolutionary idea??? Or something that has long been expected and never been done??? Or Another plain old idea which occurred to one of the jobless NIT-Tian???

What ever it is, I believe its for good and I support it.

All the bloggers of NIT-T have some news to relish. The opening of new portal www.nittians.com. It will serve currently as the collection of posts from all the contributors pulled from their own blogs.

So what purpose does it serve????

1. Brand Recognition as usual, you get to show off that you are from NIT-T( well thats nothing as you all know 😀 )

2. Increased traffic due to redirections from the site.

3. New friends and any obviously a platform for organizing stuff.


 It may serve many other purposes in future as the unification of all services occur(i.e “the untitled”,delta,sangam,tp)

I’ve submitted my blog??? Have you??( Cheap old ad like style… pliss forgive 😉   )