” october maathathil andhi mazhai nerathil vaanavillai rasika vanden…

andhe nerathil yaarum illai thoorathil aval mattum vaanavillai rasika vandal.. “


Its been long since I listened to music and did nothing else except listen to music. Its been long since I posted too, but that doesnt matter. I have a special attachment to music, not quite unique, not quite common either. I listen to music, a lot of it but its very rare that I appreciate it. Some times, the music is so powerful that it takes your mind off everything else and makes you concentrate on the nuances of it, to flow with its stream and makes you feel a special something which cant be put rightly in words.


What makes music so godly, what makes one forget everything and adore it? I dont know. Many a times I have my head phones on, listen to every single beat of the drum, every single pluck of the guitar string forgetting the lyrics of they exist. They say music trancends language, I couldnt agree more.It doesnt need words to take your heart.The very grandeur of it can make you wonder the godliness of the creator and bow towards him.

I’m out of words, not really because I cant think but I dont want to. Music is beckoning. Adios.