I still can’t believe it happened, but as all things in life it did. Nobody believed that a firm as big as Lehman Brothers would be allowed to fail, afterall we were one of wall streets oldest and biggest. Theres no point debating what caused it, Paulson’s decisions or Dick’s view, what ever be the reason, the unimaginable did happen. 

Personally, many people tell this may be worse one could face in life and as damn lucky l’m, I joined with all pride into a wall street investment bank with dreams only to find myself out on street in two months. Well not literally. I din’t know ones course of action in such situations. I did a few things, largely unsuccessfull partly because I’m not from IIT and partly so I din’t have contacts.


Retrospecting my life a few months back, It was all very different. I dint join the firm knowing fully about the culture and the pay. The fixed pay quoted by the firm was huge by my standards. Had I joined any firm in my line of study it would have taken 6-7 years even to achieve this fixed pay. Once inside I realised the fixed pay was pittance when compared to the bonuses people get every year. So does that mean I redefine my standards. I never knew until I faced this. What is more important that, when I look for opportunities, which standards do I follow.

Thankfully before I broke down, a rescue was in place and I have my job again, well atleast for enough time to think from ab-initio again. Do I do that? Do I go back to my tech? With the global economic crisis looming I have the opinion every sector is risky enough. What ever may be my future, the ride was rocky and useful to think about oneself. To know where I stand and what is important.

Looking beyond, theres only one thing I will have in mind.When it comes to it, prepare for the worst and act accordingly. More so because even trivial stuff will be great.