If you are one among the lucky to have a couple of millions stoved away in a swiss account and you still haven’t given a thought about starting an engineering college in Tamilnadu or any part of south India, you must be a fool.


Lately owning an engineering college has become a fashion statement and heck its so profitable that even I’m thinking of starting one when I get a job. No, I am not kidding for any proper analysis into this field will baffle you with its profits and chances to convert your black to white. I’ll save my detailed plans of getting an engineering college running (with help pf gapp ofcourse) and restrict myselves to guiding prospective “vice chancellors” in naming their college.


Note : Anyone naming their college according to the following guidelines is liable to pay royalty amount of $4999.95 as per creative geniuses license act of 21-jun-2007.


Engineering colleges in TN, if you have noticed are named as per set pattern and what I have done is merely adapt them to present them as a set of rules.


Option 1 : Identify your family deity. It’s favorable that the name of your deity is queer enough. After that name the college as <insert deity name here> college of engineering.


e.g : Moombabigai college of engineering, raja rajeswari college of engineering, bannari amman institute of technology, andal alagar college of engineering, st. joseph’s coe etc…..


Option 2 : Name your college after your mother, father, wife,son,daughter or any relative of yours for that matter. Its also advisable that you combine multiple names to get a really long name. If possible try to include titles like annai,sri etc to your relatives name to get the effect also place of birth of the relative may be added to his/her name.


e .g : Annai mathammal sheela college of engineering, ponniyah ramajayam college of engineering, velammal college of engineering etc…


Option 3 : Select a great leader, living or dead and name the college after him. It gives a dignity to the college and people are attracted by the name.


e.g: Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam college of engineering, Mahatma Gandhi college of engineering etc…


Option 4: Simple enough.Name the college after the place where it exists.


e.g : Vellore Instititute of Technology, Kongu engineering college etc…


Option 5: This I fear is most widely exercised though it doesn’t exist on its own. It is the magic of TLA¹ . Many colleges in TN are named in glorious TLA’s. Its simple enough. The college is named as X.Y.Z college of engineering, where X,Y,Z may be any alphabet. That leaves you with 26×26×26 = 17576 names. Most times these letters serve as an acronym for names got through the above mentioned cases but the rule is not strict and arbit permutation may also be chosen to name the college.


e.g : A.R.M c.o.e, V.G.P c.o.e etc…


Now that you have been enlightened about naming an engineering college, three cheers to you in starting one. Don’t forget the royalty though. 😉